Crop Diseases and Their Management: Integrated Approaches

by Chand, Gireesh
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Publisher: Apple Academic Press

Publication Date: May 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781771882613

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This important and comprehensive book is designed to provide information on crop diseases and how to manage those diseases. Covering a multitude of crops and diseases, the book presents integrated approaches on managing diseases that affect such crops as:

  • Cereal and crop plants, such as maize, pigeon pea, chickpeas, and urd/mung beans
  • Oil seed crops, such as groundnut, soybeans, and linseed
  • Horticultural crops, such as citrus, onions, garlic, cucurbitaceae, Colocasia, roses, Stevia rebaudiana, betelvine, jute, and sunhemp

The book thoroughly covers the symptoms, causes, disease cycles, and management approaches for many diseases that affect useful agricultural crops.

Edited by two professors and researchers with years of experience in teaching on crop diseases, this book is suitable for students in agricultural sciences and helps to cover the recently modified course curricula in India that increases coverage of crop diseases. Crop Diseases and Their Management is also a handy reference for plant protection experts, vegetable specialists, horticultural officers, and extension workers.