Crooked Crusader

Morally Impaired
by Chinmoy Hazarika
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781482867800

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Is being bad really that bad? What if something good comes out of it? Pranay is the only son of urban middle-class parents. Since childhood, he has never had any real friends, owing to a boarding school education that kept him shuttling between home and school. A mediocre student at best, his life takes a turnaround when he is sent to study dentistry in a never-heard-of Dental College in South India. It is here that he discovers that he has skills that he never knew he had. The story is one of a young sociopathic adult in an alien environment, battling and manipulating the odds in his favour and eradicating the ragging menace from his new homeDental College. He strives to be the boss in his banana-republic of a hostel. This is a simple and relatable story that delves into the murky world of ragging in hostels and how the megalomaniac protagonist turns it to his own gain.