Creation and it's Psychology: Understand the mysteries of your creativity

by Thea Mikkelsen

Publisher: Thea Mikkelsen

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781301457120

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Creation and it's Psychology is a book about how we understand creativity’s psychological space. It explains what we must be aware of if we want to preserve our creative abilities in a professional context and what psychology can tell us about how to do this. It targets all people who want to use their creativity and their personalities in their work, particularly creative individuals who want to find ways to preserve their creativity, for example, as artists, leaders, politicians, scientists or innovators and creative individuals who work with development and innovation in creative industries.
In the modern era in which almost all industries requires some degree of creativity, it is interesting to consider that something, which apparently seems so easy, still causes problems for everyone—from highly professional artists to development teams. Problems may vary from person to person; for some, the problem may be that they do not take their own ideas seriously. Others may have developed a style that no longer excites them. Some find it difficult to put their ideas into action, while others may find it difficult to collaborate on creative issues.
In all these cases, the psyche comes into play and either accepts creative ideas, rejects them or uses them as a starting point for conscious reflection. So if we want to become better at shaping ideas and developing creativity professionally, we might look at psychological mechanisms that become involved when we work creatively and through them find better ways to cope with our selves.