Creating New Knowledge in Management

Appropriating the Field’s Lost Foundations
by Ellen O'Connor
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Publisher: Stanford University Press

Publication Date: May 16, 2017

ISBN: 9780804778374

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Creating New Knowledge in Management rediscovers lost sources in the work of Mary Parker Follett and Chester Barnard, providing a foundation for management as a unique and coherent discipline. This book begins by explaining that research universities, and the management field in particular, have splintered into smaller and less related parts. It then recovers a lost tradition of integrating management and the humanities, exploring ways of building on this convention to advance the unique art and science of business. By way of Follett and Barnard's work, author Ellen S. O'Connor demonstrates how the shared values, purposes, and customs of management and the humanities can be used to build an enterprise that will help to meet the challenges of business today. Igniting approaches to management that build on humanistic traditions is the ultimate goal of this book. Therefore, the text ends with two experiments—one in the classroom and one with a business executive—that take up this call and offer a perspective on where management must go next.