Cosmos Magazine: Spring 2017: Issue 76: The Science of Everything

by Cosmos Magazine

Publisher: Black Inc

Publication Date: October 05, 2017

ISBN: 9781760640309

Binding: Paperback

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Contents of Spring Issue-
When it comes to medical cannabis, Israel is providing the world with a vast medical
Autism. It's a mystery disease so what exactly in the brain is affected by it?
Three oextra large telescopeso that are now on the production line will allow us to zoom
into the exoplanets for a closer look.
Earth is the only planet to sport tectonic activity and without it life would probably be
impossible. But what got this planet-wide conveyor belt operating?
We've gone to Pluto and tasted Jupiter's atmosphere. So what's next in space
Dark matter has long been proposed to be the glue that holds the universe together. But it
may not always have been so.

Contributors to Spring Issue-
Elizabeth Finkel Richard A. Lovett Cathal O'Connell Fred Watson Alan Finkel Katie Mack Laurie Zoloth Norman Swan Tim Wallace Belinda Smith Bill Condie Andrew Masterson Amy Middleton