Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love

A Roadmap to Finding the Right Partner and Creating the Relationship of your Dreams
by Ruth L Schwartz & Michelle Murrain
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Publisher: Conscious Girlfriend

Publication Date: October 09, 2015

ISBN: 9780996558839

Binding: Kobo eBook

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If you're a single lesbian who wants deeply fulfilling lasting love - or feels doubtful about ever being able to find that kind of love - this book was written for you. You'll learn exactly why and how the conscious approach to dating and love will make all the difference for you, and also get a detailed roadmap to help you find and create the relationship you most want. 
Great relationships don’t happen by accident, luck or magic. Instead, they’re a direct result of the choices you make, and the actions you take. Drawing from neuroscience, psychology and spirituality, this book will help you take charge of your relationship destiny, no matter how many heartbreaks or disappointments you’ve had in the past.  
“Now that lesbians can legally marry, it’s time to learn how to have the best relationships we can,” the authors say. “We know that happy, healthy, lasting lesbian love is possible for you, because we’ve taught and coached many other lesbians and queer women how to find and create it – and most importantly, because we live it ourselves, every day. This book will tell you how.”