Complex Biological Systems

Adaptation and Tolerance to Extreme Environments
by Irina R. Fomina, Vladislav G. Soukhovolsky & Karl Y. Biel

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: October 25, 2018

ISBN: 9781119510338

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Global climate change is one of the most serious and pressing issues facing our planet.  Rather than a “silver bullet” or a single study that solves it, the study of global climate change is like a beach, with each contribution a grain of sand, gathered together as a whole to create a big picture, moving the science forward.  This new groundbreaking study focuses on the adaptation and tolerance of plants and animal life to the harsh conditions brought on by climate change or global warming.  Using the papers collected here, scientists can better understand global climate change, its causes, results, and, ultimately, the future of life on our planet.

The first section lays out a methodology and conceptual direction of the work as a whole, covering the modeling, approaches, and the impacts studied throughout the book.  The second section focuses on certain hypotheses laid out by the authors regarding how plants and animal life can adapt and survive in extreme environments.  The third section compiles a series of ecological experiments and their conclusions, and a final section is dedicated to previous scientific breakthroughs in this field and the scientists who made them.

Whether for the scientist in the field, the student, or as a reference, this groundbreaking new work is a must-have. Focusing on a small part of the global climate change “beach,” this “grain of sand” is an extremely important contribution to the scientific literature and a step forward in understanding the problems and potentialities of the issue.