Compiler Technology

Tools, Translators and Language Implementation
by Derek Beng Kee Kiong
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Publisher: Springer US

Series: The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science

Publication Date: November 03, 2015

ISBN: 9781461560777

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Compiler technology is fundamental to computer science since it provides the means to implement many other tools. It is interesting that, in fact, many tools have a compiler framework - they accept input in a particular format, perform some processing and present output in another format. Such tools support the abstraction process and are crucial to productive systems development.
The focus of Compiler Technology: Tools, Translators and Language Implementation is to enable quick development of analysis tools. Both lexical scanner and parser generator tools are provided as supplements to this book, since a hands-on approach to experimentation with a toy implementation aids in understanding abstract topics such as parse-trees and parse conflicts. Furthermore, it is through hands-on exercises that one discovers the particular intricacies of language implementation.
Compiler Technology: Tools, Translators and Language Implementation is suitable as a textbook for an undergraduate or graduate level course on compiler technology, and as a reference for researchers and practitioners interested in compilers and language implementation.