Communication Skills

by Dr. Ruth Carr

Publisher: Summary Station

Publication Date: July 18, 2017

ISBN: 9781370299737

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Communication Skills

How to perfect you Interpersonal Communication Skills

By Dr. Ruth Carr

We are living in a world that revolves around social interactions. Technology provides us with an increasing number of ways to communicate socially. The strength of your communication skills will likely determine where you fit into the overall scheme of things.

Many people ignore or dismiss the act of improving their social skills. Many of the outside pressures of society enforce the importance of school, employment, and money. Because of these outside pressures, people do not believe they will benefit from improving their social skills.

Communication skills are crucial when it comes to making progress in life. You could have the best education and the most experience when it comes to a certain topic, but if you are not able to effectively demonstrate this knowledge, you will not be given much credit for your achievements. On the other hand, you could have little to no formal education or work experience, but if you have great communication skills all of your shortcomings will matter very little.