Comic Banter For Stage

by Mike Francis

Publisher: Mike Francis

Publication Date: May 15, 2017

ISBN: 9781370558230

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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How To Make Your Audience Absolutely Love You!

Ever wondered what makes a successful stage-performer? It’s 5% natural talent and 95% preparation. And we’re here to talk about that 95%.

Are You Ready To Kick It Up A Notch & Mesmerize Your Audience (And Make More Money Too)?

My name is Mike and I’ve been on stage for over 40 years in some form or another. Compere, stand-up comedian, DJ, guitarist, actor. My mom even says that I was born on stage. As you know, being around people and listening to their stories is the best way to learn.

And oh boy, I’ve learned so much!

I was lucky enough to be around brilliant stand-up club comics, you know, the sort that play hard local club audiences every week, thrive in the constant heckling and always have the last laugh. And with over 4 decades of experience, I am now ready to pass the torch to you!

What Are You Waiting For? It’s Your Time To Steal The Show!

Did you know that there’s a fool-proof way to take your performance to another level? In this script you’ll find hundreds of one-liners, banter, heckler-stoppers and witty remarks that will immediately make you the wittiest person in any room.

And it goes beyond stand-up comedy too!

Your phone will not stop ringing and you’ll never have free time again because of all the work you’ll be having. So, proceed at your own risk! Men will want to be you, women will want to be with you and hecklers will regret the moment they decided to mess with you!

That’s how soul-crushing these one-liners are! Now you can become a legendary stand-up comic, an iconic front-man the crowd loves, an Oscar-level compere and the most fun mobile DJ by simply reading and memorizing a handful of your favourite lines from this script.

Just Remember! Don’t Use Your Superpowers For Evil! With Great Banter Comes Great Responsibility!