Coaching Basketball's Zone Attack Using Blocker-Mover Motion Offense

by Kevin Sivils

Publisher: Kevin Sivils

Publication Date: December 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781519992741

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Coaches looking to improve their existing zone attack offense, learn how to use Blocker-Mover Motion Offense for their all purpose offense or to pick up new drills to teach zone attack skills and tactics will find Coaching Basketball's Zone Attack Using Blocker-Mover Motion Offense will solve their problems.

With over 400 illustrations in 300 pages, Coaching Basketball's Zone Attack Using Blocker-Mover Motion Offense addresses:

- Common types of zone defenses and their strengths and weaknesses
- Zone attack principles (offensive building blocks any zone attack can use)
- Thoughts on teaching and practicing zone attack offense
- Strategy and tactics for attacking a zone defense
- Drills to teach key offensive fundamentals
- Drills to teach zone attack tactics
- The inside game against a zone defense

Coaches interested in using the Blocker-Mover Motion Offense to attack a zone defense will find over half the material in the book dedicated to using the Blocker-Mover offense to defeat a zone defense. Chapters include:

- Reasons to use the Blocker-Mover offense
- Adapting the Blocker-Mover Motion Offense to zone attack
- Screening the zone with Blocker-Mover offense
- Using alignments to distort the zone defense
- Attacking with the dribble
- Overloading the zone defense
- Using fakes to freeze and shift the zone defense

This companion volume to Coaching Basketball's Blocker-Mover Motion Offense: Winning With Teamwork and Fundamentals (Volume One covers attacking a man-to-man defense using Blocker-Mover offense) covers the other half of quarter court offense. Using Blocker-Mover offense makes it possible to attack any common half court defense using one offense, allowing more practice time for shooting, defense and fundamentals. Blocker-Mover offense can be used by boys or girls and once learned, allows players to "play the game" ...