Clock Cases

A Practical Guide to Their Construction, Restoration and Conservation
by Nigel Barnes & Karoliina Ilmonen
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Publisher: Crowood

Publication Date: September 30, 2015

ISBN: 9781785000249

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This practical, informative and beautifully illustrated book will be essential reading for all those with a passion for mechanical clocks. It will be of particular interest to both amateurs and professionals alike who wish to work on clock cases and restore them in the correct way according to modern best practice. The authors, both experienced horological restorers, examine in detail the restoration processes and provide detailed descriptions, and a wealth of photographs and diagrams. Difficult, and often misunderstood, areas of restoration and conservation are explained in the context of twenty-first century thinking. The haphazard approach to clock case restoration, which has continued in some quarters almost to the present day, is no longer considered appropriate for preservation of the rapidly dwindling stock of clocks that represent our horological heritage. Accordingly, the authors emphasize that sensitive and sympathetic clock case restoration is essential and, indeed, is the most economically attractive approach to adopt. The book outlines the history of the main types of clock case made up to about one hundred years ago, and considers clock case woods and woodworking, and some of the special techniques involved in clock case construction, restoration and conservation. It demonstrates how a new clock case can be constructed, provides a clock case restoration study and describes the restoration of a number of other wooden clock cases. Covering both stone and metal clock cases of the 19th and 20th centuries and including a useful appendix which provides guidelines for restoring and conserving horological objects, this is an essential resource for all those who wish to work on clock cases and restore them in the correct way - whether amateurs or professionals. Beautifully illustrated with 500 colour photographs.