Climate Dynamics in Horticultural Science, Volume Two: Impact, Adaptation, and Mitigation

by Choudhary, M. L.
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781498701303

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Climate change and increased climate variability in terms of rising temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, and increasing extreme weather events, such as severe drought and devastating floods, pose a threat to the production of agricultural and horticultural crops-a threat this is expected to worsen.

Climate change is already affecting-and is likely to increase-invasive species, pests, and disease vectors, all adversely affecting agri-horticultural crop productivity. Advances in agricultural knowledge, science, and technology will be required to develop improved crop traits, such as temperature, drought, pest, and salt tolerance. This two-volume set gives readers an understanding of the issues and makes suggestions for ways to mitigate adverse climate change effects on crops.

The focus of Volume 1: The Principles and Applications in Horticultural Science is to identify impacts and suggest appropriate and effective adaptation and mitigation strategies. Volume 2: Impact, Adaptation, and Mitigation focuses on the impact of climate change on horticultural crops and offers ways to adapt practices to mitigate adverse effects. Together, the two volumes offer a diverse selection of chapters that address issues of importance to those in the horticulture industry, researchers, faculty, and others.

The two-volume set:

• Provides a recent understanding about climate change effects on horticulture

• Covers unique information regarding important fruit crops, including flowers, spices, and plantation crops

• Serves as an excellent source for researchers to formulate their adaptation and mitigation strategies

• Covers abiotic and biotic stresses in relation to climate change

• Presents environmentally safe and recent technological approaches such as nanotechnology and biodynamics

• Includes case studies

The books are an excellent resource for ...