Climate Change, Service Economy and Industry

With Empirical Cases & Theories
by Junmo Kim
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781450264754

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This book shows how industries perceive weather as they pose their positioning in climate change adaptation. With empirical analysis, this books extends policy discussion. Weather and climate related industries are clearly knowledge intensive service sectors that have not blossomed yet.

Holding his Ph.D. degree from the LBJ School (Dec. 1997), Junmo Kim is a Professor at the Dept. of Public Admin, Konkuk University, in Seoul, Korea. Before coming to the University, he has served as an Associate Research fellow at two government funded research institutes, the Science & Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) and Korea Inst. of Public Admin (KIPA). His areas of interests include Science, Industrial & Technology Policy, Regional Development, Wage analysis, and Policy Evaluation. At the university, he teaches Science & Technology Policy, Policy Evaluation, Regional Development, and E-government issues.

His major publications include The South Korean Economy (Ashgate 2002), Globalization and Industrial Development (iUniverse 2005) and contributing chapters in Inequality and Industrial Change (Cambridge 2001, James K. Galbriath ed.) and Learning and Knowledge for the Network Society (Purdue University Press 2004).