Climate Change Effect on Crop Productivity

by Sengar, Rakesh S.
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781482229219

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Explore the Relationship between Crop and Climate

Agricultural sustainability has been gaining prominence in recent years and is now becoming the focal point of modern agriculture. Recognizing that crop production is very sensitive to climate change, Climate Change Effect on Crop Productivity explores this timely topic in-depth. Incorporating contributions by expert scientists, professors, and researchers from around the world, it emphasizes concerns about the current state of agriculture and of our environment. This text analyzes the global consequences to crop yields, production, and risk of hunger linking climate and socioeconomic scenarios.

Addresses Biotechnology, Climate Change, and Plant Productivity

The book contains 19 chapters covering issues such as CO2, ozone on plants, productivity fertilization effect, UV (ultraviolet) radiation, temperature, and stress on crop growth. The text discusses the impact of changing climate on agriculture, environment stress physiology, adaptation mechanism, climate change data of recent years, impact of global warming, and climate change on different crops. It explores the overall global picture in terms of the effect of crops to climate change during abiotic stress and considers strategies for offsetting and adapting to ongoing climate change.

  • Details how and why climate change occurs and how it effects crop productivity and agriculture
  • Considers what measures should be taken to mitigate the effect of climate change on agriculture
  • Highlights the effect of climate change on crop productivity, the invention of new technology, and strategies for agriculture practice to adapt to climate change
  • Provides an analysis of the global warming effect on crop productivity due to climate change and long-term agriculture technique development
  • Confirms the ...