Cis-Trans Isomeric Carotenoids, Vitamins A and Arylpolyenes

by Zechmeister, L.
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Publisher: Academic Press

Publication Date: February 02, 2016

ISBN: 9781483264936

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Cis-Trans Isomeric Carotenoids, Vitamins A, and Arylpolyenes focuses on the reactions, characteristics, and properties of cis-trans isomeric carotenoids, vitamins A, and arylpolyenes.

The publication first takes a look at carotenoids, number, types, and properties of cis carotenoids, and cis-trans isomerism and UV spectra. Discussions focus on simple theoretical interpretation of spectral phenomena, spectra at extremely low temperatures, relative stabilities, melting points, rotatory power, and historical remarks on the stereoisomerism of polyenes. The text then ponders on the preparation of cis carotenoids by direct rearrangement of the all-trans form and total synthesis and naturally occurring cis and polycis carotenoids.

The manuscript examines some general remarks on configurational assignments, configurational assignments in certain stereoisomeric sets, and lower-molecular weight carotenoid-carboxylic acids. Topics include bixin set, stereoisomeric sets with two aromatic terminal groups, stereoisomeric sets with one hydroaromatic and one aliphatic terminal group, configuration and infrared spectrum, and stereoisomeric types. The manuscript also elaborates on vitamins A and retinenes, cumulenes with aromatic terminal groups, and polyene azines.

The publication is a dependable source of information for researchers interested in cis-trans isomeric carotenoids, vitamins A, and arylpolyenes.