Circle of awareness

using the body as a mirror for thoughts: a psychotherapeutic approach
by Willem Fonteijn
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Publisher: Wardy Poelstra Projectmanagement

Publication Date: March 11, 2017

ISBN: 9789492004451

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Exploring your awareness is a useful therapeutic intervention. It starts with becoming aware of your body, which communicates in a very concrete way about your emotional issues and convictions. This book shows you how to use your body as a reliable source of reference for awareness. 'Circle of Awareness is a rich source of inspiration for those psychotherapists who take an interest in awareness and acceptance, as well as for anyone who is looking to enlarge their own personal awareness.' - Prof. Dr. Kees Korrelboom, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Tilburg University 'Willem Fonteijn's intriguing therapy format combines elements of cognitive behavior therapy in a group-based setting, along with elements of Vipassana meditation and of body-oriented awareness training. Willem knows what he is doing, as confirmed by my own personal experience in the group and the vivid stories in this book. I would call for a scientific evaluation of this promising method.' - Prof. Dr. Reinout Wiers, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology and Faculty Professor, University of Amsterdam 'This book reflects Willem's lifelong passion to give words to that which cannot be spoken, a courageous endeavor to describe the Mystery that happens in every Circle of Awareness.' - Pauline Botden, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, and member of Venwoude Wisdom Council Willem Fonteijn is an experienced clinical psychologist/psychotherapist with substantial training in psychotherapy, philosophy of mind, and mindfulness. He has published several academic articles in these fields as well as a collection of poems.