Chromogranins: from Cell Biology to Physiology and Biomedicine

by Maria Carmela Cerra, Tommaso Angelone & Bruno Tota
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Series: UNIPA Springer Series

Publication Date: November 11, 2017

ISBN: 9783319583389

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The volume is designed to provide an integrated overview of the results from the last fifteen years of research on Chromogranins in relation to cell biology, physiology and biomedicine. The different chapters highlight novel activities of these proteins, including their role in granule biogenesis, hormone co-storage, stimulus-processing-secretion coupling, autonomic sympathetic/parasympathetic balance, immune and cardiocirculatory function, and the response to stress. Biomedical aspects are also illustrated with focus on the prognostic and diagnostic significance of Chromogranin in the presence of tumors, cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory conditions.

The volume is of interest for laboratory and clinical scientists, PhD and Post-doc students that will be inspired to go deep inside the molecular, biochemical, physiological, pharmacological and clinical aspects of these fascinating multifaceted proteins.