Christian Divorce Remarriage Theology

Is There Life After Divorce
by John DeVries

Publisher: FriesenPress

Publication Date: March 01, 2019

ISBN: 9781525542664

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Many churches and believers deeply struggle with this topic. This writing sets out the correct Biblical rules and guidelines to guide believers, how they should deal with marriage problems to hopefully avoid a divorce. This book focusses on the Bible doctrinal truths involved in both Bible acceptable divorce and remarriage theology. This book provides a mental surgery of understanding, how we are to follow Bible textual rules of engagement to resolve conflict.
There are Christ given directions to resolve relational conflict, which are rarely applied. These need to be taught by churches and ministry. Due to a lack in this pursuit, many Christians experience needless divorces. This problem is magnified due to the majority of churches having an none-biblical and limited ministry structure. It takes much time to genuinely shepherd people through difficulties and issue resolution. This will require teaching the applicable scriptures and the setting out of the conduct rules that apply to a godly love in a marriage commitment. So much heartache can be alleviated.
The two groups of people who are my target purchasers are; the Christian believers who struggle with resolving marriage problems, then also the church leadership who oversee sincere believers.