Chiropractors: Publish Your Own Niche Book (Start with a $50,000 buying base!)

by Gordon Burgett

Publisher: Gordon Burgett

Publication Date: May 16, 2015

ISBN: 9780989653060

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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There is a straightforward, reliable way to earn at least $50,000 developing a niche book for a specialization, like chiropractic that I use in this guide book. It starts with a pre-test that will cost $550-750 or so to see if the potential buyers are eager to buy a book at your price about your topic, title, table of contents, and promises. This book shows you how to do the pre-test before writing and publishing the book. In it I explain the following: niche markets, your book subject, a mailing list, your test flyer, your book title, a test note to your potential buyers, a reply postcard, a pre-test cost guesstimate, expected results, and how to compose and mail the test packet. The book ends with a 25-step summary and pre-testing guide for a niche book for chiropractors. It also includes specific samples of a chiropractic-directed test flyer, a note to the chiropractors contacted, a reply postcard, and even a title like one you might use.

How much smarter is it to spend $1 or so to test 500 random practitioners before you research, write, rewrite, proof, and then sell the book? And to make certain you will be paid 60-100 times more than the test costs? Also, if anybody will buy it at all?

There's no mystery about the concept of niche publishing. I wrote Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time a few years back, and you can buy it for under $15 from this vendor. I know it works because I have 18 niche books in print and have guided many others in applying the pre-test and rather quickly cashing in. In fact, the very first book I niche published earned nearly $2 million.

Why ponder? Just get this 30+-page book that will walk you through the pre-test. It costs $7.95, is only available as an ebook, and may change your life in from the hour it might take you to read--and do.

The best thing: you do it yourself. No middlepeople involved. You keep all of the royalties, and you sidestep hefty book-selling discounts by selling ...