Chiromancy According to World's Structure Formula. The Theory of Sensibility. Correlations to Astrology WSF.

by Andrei Kolomiets

Publisher: Andrei Kolomiets

Publication Date: January 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781370527984

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Sensation in Chiromancy, which got own real interpretation as such as Sensibility.

It was translated on english "Chiromancy according to World’s Structure Formula"
Correlations of Astrology according to WSF. The Theory of Sensibility
Amateur methodology is theorized shortly according to the worked out system with the definition of further directions for detections. All that is previously necessary to be known about this side of humanistic, being materialized by the palm’s pattern and functions’ lines, showing personal reflected sensibility. Hereof is sensual structuredness. It contains chapter “Astrology according to WSF” – “The interrelatedness of Astrology” and has refers to “Alchemy according to WSF”… All books originate from “The World’s Structure Formula Theory”.
From old classik detactation only finger of Saturn on right hand was right such. All other fingers have another interpretation according World’s Structure Formula. Same horoble situation wich lines. And Theory of Sensibility=Chiromancy open and discover real picture in this.