Chippewa Customs

by Frances Densmore

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243610723

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The villages at Grand Portage and Grand Marais, on the north shore of Lake Superior, were visited, specimens and data were collected, and at the former place an interesting ceremony was witnessed.2 The following year a trip was made to a primitive group of Chippewa living on Vermilion Lake, and to the Leech Lake and White Earth Reservations in Minnesota. The study of Chippewa music for the Bureau of American Ethnology was begun in 1907 The material herewith presented was collected on the White Earth, Red Lake, Cass Lake, Leech Lake, and Mille Lac Reservations in Minnesota, the Lac Court Oreilles Reservation in Wisconsin, and the Manitou Rapids Reserve in Ontario, Canada, the work continuing until 1925. (fig. The writer gratefully acknowledges the faithfulness of her Chip pewa friends and especially the assistance of her principal inter preter, Mrs. Mary Warren English, which began in 1907 and con tinned during the work at White Earth. Assistance has also been received from members of the staff of the Bureau of American Ethnology and the United States National Museum, in their special fields of research.