Children of the Sun

The bestselling investigation into the slums of postwar Naples
by Morris West
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Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Publication Date: August 23, 2017

ISBN: 9781760638290

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Though eight years old, his body is so small, his face so pinched, you would take him for five or six.

Antonino is an abandoned child struggling for survival in the dark alleys of Naples. He is one of thousands whose waking hours are spent in petty crime and whose bed is a street grating above a baker's oven.

Yet there is hope, in the shape of a young priest, Mario Borrelli. In a journey of self-transformation and love, Father Borrelli befriends the street children and sets up a support network for them: The House of the Urchins.

Morris West spent time in the slums of impoverished postwar Naples. His chilling account of the local street urchins in his international bestseller Children of the Sun drew the world's attention to their plight, and offers a timeless insight into child poverty. West's portrayal of Father Borelli has inspired many others to follow in Borelli's footsteps.

'One of the most moving stories I have ever read.' Eleanor Roosevelt

'Will touch the hearts and consciences of many.' New York Herald Tribune