Children Learn What Grandparents Teach

by Mavis Aldridge Ph.D
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 04, 2019

ISBN: 9781546273189

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In several cultures, grandparents have been revered as the wisdom keepers. In recent years, changes have occurred in many families due to developments in transportation, new technologies, and the pursuit of lucrative careers. As a result, many families found new living locations far from where they were born and raised. Grandparents and grandchildren often get separated in the process. It is the intention of this book to recapture some of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ that some grandparents have shared with their children and communities. Although the focus is on Fifth Graders, Children Learn What Grandparents Teach can prove interesting and adaptable also for students in the Fourth and Sixth Grades. It can create fun classes in language arts, stimulate lively conversations by making applications to past and current events, and serve as guide for exploring several other proverbs and metaphorical expressions often used in speeches and the media. This book is a very valuable gift for grandparents, children, relatives, teachers, and friends. Comments in praise of the book: This is a useful text for teachers. It offers parents and grandparents an amazing opportunity for sharing quality time and bonding. It is very supportive of children’s academic and personal growth. —Marie Church, Retired Teacher As a narrative, the themes, structure, style, and transitions are very appealing. Elements of humor, conflict, and an interesting cast of characters add to the richness of the book. It is an excellent choice for teaching idioms, and the content provides rich material for producing an enjoyable school play. —Melissa Hugonnett, Retired Teacher