Child Welfare And Society

by Mahjabeen Khanam
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Publisher: Centrum Press

Publication Date: June 30, 2016

ISBN: 9789388040129

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A society that does not tend to the welfare of its children, its future generations, hastens its own demise. The protection of children is a value shared by all cultures and communities around the globe. In almost all societies, responsibility for raising children well and preparing them for adulthood goes beyond the parents and is shared, to some degree, by the community at large. The community’s investment in the well-being of its children is reflected in cultural mores and social norms, and in legal frameworks that permit intervention in individual families when children are abused or neglected. Child protection systems are a set of usually government-run services designed to protect children and young people who are underage and to encourage family stability. Due to economical reasons, especially in poor countries, children are forced to work in order to survive. Future generations of researchers, as well as students, practitioners, and service providers, will find this book indispensable.