Chaotic Electronics in Telecommunications

by Michael Kennedy, Riccardo Rovatti & Gianluca Setti
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: October 24, 2018

ISBN: 9781351830645

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At the code level, discrete-time chaotic systems can be used to generate spreading codes for DS-SS systems. At the signal level, continuous-time chaotic systems can be used to generate wideband carriers for digital modulation schemes.

The potential of chaos engineering is now recognized worldwide, with research groups actively pursuing the exploitation of chaotic phenomena in cryptography, spread spectrum communications, electromagnetic interference reduction, and many other applications. Although some noteworthy results have already been achieved, until now, the field has lacked both a systematic treatment of these developments and a careful, quantitative comparison of chaos-based and conventional techniques.

Chaotic Electronics in Telecommunications fills both of those needs. It addresses the use of chaos in digital communications applications, from the coding level to circuit design. Each chapter offers a formal exposition of the theoretical and engineering tools needed to apply chaos, followed by discussion of the algorithms and circuits needed to apply the theory to real-world communications systems.