Centering Women of Color in Academic Counterspaces

A Critical Race Analysis of Teaching, Learning, and Classroom Dynamics
by Annemarie Vaccaro & Melissa J. Camba-Kelsay
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Publisher: Lexington Books

Series: Race and Education in the Twenty-First Century

Publication Date: September 14, 2016

ISBN: 9781498517119

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Centering Women of Color in Academic Counterspaces offers a rich critical race feminist analysis of teaching, learning, and classroom dynamics among diverse students in a classroom counterspace centered on women of color. Annemarie Vaccaro and Melissa J. Camba-Kelsay focus on an undergraduate course called Sister Stories, which used counter-storytelling to explore the historical and contemporary experiences of women of color in the United States. Rich student narratives offer insight into the process and products of transformational learning about complex social justice topics such as: oppression, microaggressions, identity, intersectionality, tokenism, objectification, inclusive leadership, aesthetic standards, and diversity dialogues.