Catalogue of the Economic Products of the Presidency of Bombay

Being a Catalogue of the Government Central Museum, Division Raw Produce (Vegetable)
by Bombay

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243768431

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Helenium is indeed an old generic name, but it here illustrates a principle which has guided me throughout the work. After the scientific and English name (where there is one) of each plant, its place in the Linnaean system is stated, and in the third line the part which gives it its economic place, and its com mercial name. The Eastern synonymes are gathered from many books, and I have always followed the spelling of the authority I have copied from. To the eyes of oriental scholars this will no doubt prove distasteful, but no other course was open to me. In the remarks the earliest mention is indicated of articles of great antiquarian or commercial interest, and corresponding foreign products are named. Botanical observations are also made where requisite. In preparing this compilation I have consulted many works, and have, I believe, scarcely made a statement without authority. But it was impracticable to name my authorities after each statement.