Car Living When There's No Other Choice: Tips & Strategies for Survival & Safety

by Veronica Harnish

Publisher: Veronica Harnish

Publication Date: January 25, 2017

ISBN: 9781370162055

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Could you survive in your car if you had no other place to live? This book shows you how.

Based on the author's own car dwelling experience and extensive research, Car Living When There's No Other Choice: Tips & Strategies for Survival & Safety is a book of resources to help people whose living situations have taken a short-term turn for the worse, who have never previously lived in a vehicle, and who need vital information to help them ride out the storm successfully until circumstances change. In this practical and comprehensive guide, you will discover:

-- Checklists and kits to help you organize and pack before you live in your car
-- Where to find help for food, medical needs, and other services you may qualify for
-- How to find a safe place to park, and sleep comfortably in a tiny space
-- Specific solutions for common problems, such as cooking, bathroom needs, etc.
-- How to stay within the law
-- Scenarios and strategies for large and small cities, rural areas, and all types of climates
-- Ways to keep physically and mentally healthy
-- How to help pets adapt to life in a vehicle with minimal stress
-- How to transition back into housing

Thousands of people worldwide have safely and successfully overcome short-term housing crises by living in a vehicle. This book will give you the knowledge, courage and confidence to do so, too.