Captains Courageous

A Story of the Grand Banks
by Rudyard Kipling

Publisher: AMN Publishing

Series: AMN Publishing

Publication Date: August 27, 2013

ISBN: 1230000163587

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"Captains Courageous ranks with all the great sea-adventure stories that will never lose their fascination for children as well as grownups. Kipling's "heroic conception of life as Andre Maurois called it, his admiration for bravery and courage wherever he might find it, never dimmed. In the tough Gloucester fishermen on the We re Here, sailing to the Grand Banks for their catches of cod and halibut, he recognized elements of glory, and in the schooner sskipper, Disko Troop, he portrays a kind of man he most admires. It is no wonder that soft, pampered young Harvey Cheyne rescued by the Were Here after falling from an ocean liner in the Atlantic is regenerated by his contact with such a man. Although Harvey fiercely resents being forced to work on the fishing schooner at a paltry ten dollars a month he grows tough and hardy, and learns to obey orders. At season s end, he is reunited with a father who is astonished and delighted by the change in his son.
Everything that Kipling wrote exuded his own magnificent vitality and energy. He thought big and he wrote big.

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