by Ernest L. Norman & James M. Brand

Publisher: ZREADS

Publication Date: February 12, 2019

ISBN: 1230003081785

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By Ernest L. Norman
From the Preface: 'In the histories of the world, it is invariably acknowledged that all good, all great achievements and advanced forms of culture were given in posterity to mankind by certain individuals who were equally advanced in their particular idiom. Many of these great souls have died for this cause of moral, mental and physical freedom; others have remained anonymous through the passage of time until the day of vindication when mankind acknowledged their creativeness by common usage.In line with this preface, we present this book, 'Cosmic Continuum', a most amazing and remarkable book, also dedicated to the future generations of mankind who will, in their posterity, find common usage for all principles and concepts contained in its pages. Indeed, it will be so mandated that if mankind is to survive in a progressive continuity upon the face of this planet, he will, by the necessity for survival, be forced to use and adapt in common usage, these principles and concepts just as have other races of peoples on other planets in far-off solar systems.'

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