by Roy Snelling


Publication Date: July 30, 2018

ISBN: 9781912643806

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In this current Aquarian Age with its new energies Chartres Cathedral seems to have gained recognition amongst mystics, geomancers and dowsers, and alternative spirituality folk in general, as having some special meaning. It ha attracted numerous visitors from many countries who have come to walk its Labyrinth, examine the Zodiac Window, and hold dowsing, prayer or meditation sessions so as to 'tune-in' to its hidden meaning. Sometimes to the consternation of the Cathedral's own congregation, or even its 'official' guides.
As the book explores the meaning of the Chartres Zodiac, it first starts by exploring the Celestial Zodiac and Precession. And also other pertinent astronomical facts. It then explores landscape zodiacs in general, including those found in Britain. In looking at Chartres we first examine its history, going back to the time when it was a Celtic Temple, and the later when the under-crypt was used as a Mithraic Temple by officers in the Roman Army.
The book then explains how the author discovered twelve line radiating out from the centre of the Cathedral, and thence the realisation that we might have a giant zodiac. The identification of a number of towns and cities of equidistant radius around the Cathedral confirmed the Zodiac hypothesis. Important places such as Plymouth, Gloucester, Norwich, Leiden, Strasbourg and Montreaux. Hat was remarkable was that one line passed through Paris, and then when extended beyond the Zodiac circumference passed through Berlin. Another Line reached Vienna and Bratislava. Another reached Barcelona. Another reached Madrid.
The book then explores the geography, history and culture of each zodiac segment to see if there is anything that relates to the nature of the zodiac sign of that segment.
The book finally points the way to the future, leaving future researchers to continue the exploration of what this remarkable building means to us.