by John Gabriel

Publisher: John Gabriel

Publication Date: October 25, 2017

ISBN: 9781386870180

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I was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer which was quickly spreading through my body. I was told that if I did not have an operation  to remove the tumor that I would surely die. If I did have the operation I would have had to wear a colostomy bag. I was afraid of the outcome of the operation and refused. Besides, there was no guarantee of  success. It was all chance taking. I decided against the operation and opted to use cannabis oil and essiac tea. I was not sure if they would work but I went for it. Within three months my cancer had vanished. I did however have a short bout of chemo and radiation which made me very sick and both of these substances are cancer causing (carcenogenic). Two years later, I am doing just fine and I am not wearing a colostomy bag and I am cancer free.  When I was diagnosed, I felt that I had been given a death sentence. I knew the fear, the despondency, the meaning of life's finality. It was all very bad. Please, if you have cancer or know someone, no matter the stage, please look into to the wonders of cannabis oil and essiac tea. They might just do the job for you. They did for me. My book tells my story, my fear and sadness. It also gives many links to video programs about "Big Pharma"and the billions they make each year on selling cancer causing treatments--chemo and radiation with little success. Also about others, like me, who have used both essiac tea and cannabis oil, and also links to videos for all-purpose good health and practices . Both these substances, cannabis oil and essiac tea are now making huge inroads into treating and curing cancer and gaining that well deserved recognition. Many years ago, "Big Pharma" with the help of the FDA and corrupted medical and political figures blocked all natural remedies  that stood in competition to their profit making  and gave the name of holistic medicine to "quackery". Money is their business--not you. You are seen as pure profit, nothing else.