Buzzed The Straight Facts About the Most Used andAbused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy

by Cynthia Kuhn

Publisher: W W Norton & Company

Publication Date: July 09, 2019

ISBN: 9780393356465

Binding: Paperback

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The fifth edition of the essential, accessible source for understanding how drugs work and their effects on body and behavior. With nearly a quarter of a million copies sold in its four previous editions, Buzzed is now revised and updated with the most recent discoveries about drugs. It includes new information about biological and behavioral changes from addiction, the prescription- drug- abuse epidemic, distinctive drug effects on the adolescent brain, and trends from opioids to e- cigarettes to marijuana, both natural and synthetic.

This no-nonsense handbook surveys the most used and abused drugs from caffeine to heroin to methamphetamine. In both quick-reference summaries and in-depth analysis, it reports on how these drugs enter the body, how they manipulate the brain, their short- and long-term effects, the different "highs" they produce, and the circumstances in which they can be deadly.

Neither a "just say no" treatise nor a "how-to" manual, Buzzed is based on the conviction that people make better decisions with accurate information in hand.

"Lively, highly informative, unbiased, [and] thorough."—Addiction Research & Theory