Buy, Build, Sell

Step-By-Step Guide to a Multimillion-Dollar Practice Empire
by Dr Padma Gadiyar
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Publisher: Professional Practice sales

Publication Date: March 20, 2019

ISBN: 9780648512202

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Dr Padma Gadiyar, like many dental practice owners, struggled with overwhelm and exhaustion trying to run a profitable and purpose filled practice. When she got to breaking point, she became determined to find a better way. 

Dr Padma Gadiyar's book **Buy, Build, Sell **- Step-By-Step Guide to a Multimillion Practice - is the blueprint that will finally show you that better way. She will share her proven methods for you to tap into the incredible financial, lifestyle and legacy opportunity that is truly available to you through dental practice ownership.

Drawing on years of experience in the healthcare industry as both a clinician and practice owner, Dr Gadiyar delivers nine proven steps for creating your own financial freedom, dream lifestyle and mulitmillion-dollar practice empire. The tools and strategies in these pages will help you to avoid costly mistakes, fast-track your success, and lead your practice empire to greater heights.

No matter your stage of practice ownership, or where you are on your journey, **Buy, Build, Sell **is your roadmap to gaining faster and more sustainable results. With the skills and confidence you will gain, nothing can stand in your way.