Buddha's Principle of Relativity

Mind Body Stress
by Don G. Athukorala
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Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781456782405

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Why not try for yourself Buddhas Code of Practice The Path to Purification for better health, peace and happiness Wouldnt you rather try out now than wait until it is too late? The sooner the better I exposed this ancient teaching of the Buddha that lay unheard and unsung for over 1500 years to reveal that psychological aspects can have their physical effects mind, body and stress. Dont leave for tomorrow what you can do for yourself today * * * At the end of the twentieth century many neuroscientists are still arguing on questions like; what is this aspect of intellect and consciousness we call the mind, to produce a combination of thought, memory and emotion, to name just a few? This book is a bold attempt to throw some light into solving this mystery. As a person with interest in Science and Technology it appeals to me as a very fruitful effort. Please enjoy reading; you will find it enlightening! Professor Lakshman Jayatilleke Chancellor, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka Former Chairman, National Education Commission of Sri Lanka