"Brother Soldier Back On The Front Line"

by Brother Soldier

Publisher: Garden Park Productions

Series: (1)Brother Soldier On The Home Front (2) Brother Soldier Banned From NJ.Com (3) Brother Soldier Back On The Front Line

Publication Date: December 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781311637703

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Thinking about “Coming to America”, this is the book of social commentary that you will need if you really want to acquaint yourself with life in America.

Already in America, this is the book of social commentary that allows you to “see” between the lines, “to read” what is not written, that bridges the gap between communities and helps to balance things out.

After previously being banned from NJ.Com, a social news blog, (see “Brother Soldier, Banned from NJ.Com”), Brother Soldier’s latest release about actual life in America is now better than ever. After listening to consumer’s recommendations, Brother Soldier now introduces “the situation” introduction, which is an actual “preface” that explains the current news article that is about to be discussed.

These “preface’s” allows the reader (in case they’re not an everyday “watcher nor reader of the news”) to become acquainted with the subject matter that is about to be discussed. Brother Soldier continues to offer unique insights and opinions on current news events that affect the general public; from various scams, to suicides, to murder’s, to political intrigues, to the war on drugs, to gang warfare, to any and all events that make the news and in one way or another, affects, as stated, the general public.