British Forces Motorcycles: 1925-1945


Publisher: The History Press

Publication Date: August 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780750970235

Binding: Hardback

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Perhaps the most far reaching of the many changes wrought on the military by the First World War was the mechanization of the armed services. After many centuries of use by the Army for patrols and communications, the trusty horse was finally supplanted by the newfangled motorcycle. This mechanization process gathered pace during the interwar years and in particular for the military motorcycle between 1925 and 1939. By the outbreak of the Second World War the motorcycle had become an important part of the military inventory and deemed 'suitable for WD (War Department) requirements'. First published in 1995, this illustrated book is unique in looking at all military motorcycles of British origin known to have been tested mainly by the Mechanical Warfare Experimental Establishment. AUTHORS: Chris Orchard is works safety engineer for Cooper-Avon Tires. He has been involved in the classic bike scene for many years, as has his coauthor Steve Madden who works as a specialist civil servant. Both Chris (who lives in Melksham) and Steve (who lives in Hampshire) own and restore former-WD motorcycles. SELLING POINTS: Commemorating the vital role played by motorcycles in the Second World War M20 motorcycle model was used on all fronts and especially during the battle of Normandy by Anglo- Canadian forces Revised and updated new edition with many new illustrations Authors are the foremost experts in their field 160 b/w illustrations