Breeding Insects As Feeder Food

by David Haggett

Publisher: David Haggett

Publication Date: December 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781310068621

Binding: Kobo eBook

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This is the book you need if you have an animal that eats insects!
Today, more reptiles, arachnids and other insectivores are being kept for study and as pets than ever before. This means there is a growing need to provide a wider range of insects as food than can be often found on the shelves of the local pet shop. But how can you get this varied diet?

This book provides a simple answer –breed your own!

In this comprehensive guide you will learn how to breed many different types of insect easily. Each section follows a similar format covering the life cycle, housing requirements, feeding, breeding and more. All you need to know to get started and succeed is contained in these pages. There are 45 colour photographs taken by the author to illustrate the different species and habitats.

The chapters cover the following type of insects:
•Diptera (house and fruit flies)

With over 30 years experience, gained in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, Mexico and Malaysia, David provides simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to breed a wide range of insects that will provide a variety of nutritious food for your animals.

Who will find this book useful?
•Anyone who keeps a chameleon or other insectivorous lizards, mantis, arachnids, assassin bugs, birds, etc.
•Anyone who buys insects from a pet shop or the Internet.
•Anyone who wants to breed insects for food or just fun.
•Anyone who likes insects!

and anyone who has asked the following questions:
•How can I have silkworms available year round?
•How do I get a regular supply of fruit flies?
•Which cricket or cockroach species is best suited for me?
•How do I breed house flies without the smell?
•How do I incubate locust eggs?
•How can I safely mate mantis?

This is the book you need if you have an animal ...