Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery

by Janay Leake


Publication Date: September 15, 2015

ISBN: 9781329555761

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Breast augmentation is done to balance the size of the breasts, improve the contour of the body or it is done as a reconstructive technique after prior surgery. Many women want to have larger breasts and are looking at the various options available to them. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, but it also full of risks and it's expensive. Furthermore, most insurance companies will not cover cosmetic procedures, so all of the money has to be paid by the patient. While a lot of women may not be able to afford the surgery, they can afford breast enhancement supplements. However, the question then becomes whether or not these supplements work, and if so, which ones are the best? GRAB A COPY TODAY!