Brainstorming Common Core

Challenging the Way We Think about Education
by Eldon "Cap" Lee
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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Publication Date: February 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781475817720

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In Eldon "Cap" Lee's new book, standards become guidelines for success rather than deadlines for failure as it is recognized that all children are unique, with different brains and different dreams. This leads to the reality that children are children, not branded on their foreheads for their differences but accepted within the wide range of skills and abilities present in all of us. Brainstorming Common Core: Challenging the Way We Think about Education includes ideas developed in the trenches by talking to and servicing parents, educators, and students for over fifty years. This book draws away from an artificial testing based education to one that teaches the whole child. As we brainstorm Common Core we see the necessity to empower children to chase their dreams and follow their pathway to success, parents to become full partners in the process, and educators to take back their profession.