Boys and Books

What You Need to Know and Do So Your 9- to 14-Year-Old Son Will Read
by Hillary Tubin
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Publisher: Boy-Responsive Literacy Consulting, LLC

Series: Boys Will Read | Parent Series

Publication Date: September 09, 2016

ISBN: 9780997574913

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Tired of fighting with your son to turn off Minecraft/the television/his computer and read a book for a change?

And when he does choose books to read- comic books/graphic novels/fart books/the Captain Underpants series/books about creepy, gross things- do you find yourself telling him to "stop reading and pick out something more appropriate" because you're worried his choices will make his brain turn to mush? 

PROBLEM: 75% of 9- to 14-year-old boys don't read for pleasure every day (if they read at all). By not reading, they are at a distinct competitive disadvantage against boys (and girls) who do

FACT: We live in a global, knowledge-based, information-driven world where strong literacy skills are essential for success. 

FACT: 30 minutes of reading for pleasure every day is the best way to develop vocabulary and general knowledge, exercise empathy, and strengthen verbal cognitive and reading skills (to name just a few of this daily habit's amazing benefits). 

So what can a parent do to change their son's trajectory? 

Enter Boys and Books

It is a how-to action guide for discouraged parents who want their preteen/early teen son to read for pleasure, but he won't

In this book, parents learn:

  • How to re-shape reading for their son (it's not too late!) so he can thrive today and in the future.
  • Why reading equals pain and how they can redefine it as pleasure for their son (comic books won't turn his brain to mush!). 
  • Why their son needs them to be more like a coach- not a cheerleader, referee, commentator, mascot, or spectator- when initiating reading with him. 
  • The 10 Building Blocks they need to know and do so their son will ...