Borne Revolution

Fight for Humanity
by Jahi Issa Jabri Ali-Bey
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781491781463

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The aim in writing this book is to set the mental framework that will help us fixate on one mind and spirit that will personify the spiritual performance of many through your actions and deeds with the intent to uplift fallen humanity and save us from hell-self-destruction.

Author Jahi Ali-Bey has a well-rounded unique philosophical understanding of existence. Life has molded and shown Jahi other non-traditional spiritual aspects that are relevant outside the norms of social traditions. His goal is to rescue the unconscious 97% of humanity, strengthen and elevate your consciousness to a higher spiritual degree via the concepts in this book. Hes imploring people can revive their inner-self by self-analysis; building their mental and spiritual awareness and simultaneously discovering the Borne Revolution.

Borne Revolution: Fight for Humanity defines and discloses the purpose of human existence. is book will always be a source of refuge and inspiration to save humanity from an unthinkable demise, extinction.