Boost Your Personal Development

Practice And Reach Massive Growth Through Exercises
by Denisa Casa & Alina Gheorghe
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Publisher: Booktango

Publication Date: July 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781468962369

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Do you feel stressed, nervous, overwhelmed? Do THE 20 EXERCISES TO BOOST YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and forget all these inconveniences forever. This collection of exercises is designed for all those who want to improve their personal development. These exercises are based on the premise that your inner world creates your outer world. The more you concentrate on your ‘roots’, the faster you will see new results in your ‘fruits’. This material starts with a series of exercises to boost your optimism to be in good shape for the next ones. Reconditioning your mind, relax, get your attention concentrated, control your little voice and forget the stress are just some of the results you will get in doing these exercises every day. Stop procrastinating and get motivated to work.