Book of Riddles: Best Riddles from Sphinx to the Space Age

by Igor Kryan & Alisa Kryan
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Publication Date: January 06, 2019

ISBN: 9780359340590

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Some of these riddles said to be 10 millennia old, while others me and my daughter just made up in 2019. Regardless of the age, they will bend your mind, make you appear super smart and impress your friends. Welcome to the game that challenging and tricky but very fun - from logic puzzles and unusual questions to crime solving and paradoxes. The idea to write this book came when my 10 years old daughter returned from school and asked me, "You walk into a room with a hamster riding a wheel, a rabbit holding a carrot, a pig playing with a ball, a dog fetching a stick and a chimp playing a guitar. Which creature in the room is the smartest?" I did not know. She smiled and said, "Hopefully, you!" The same way, hopefully, you will become smarter and more sophisticated after reading this enigmatic book of riddles. Answers Included.