Bone Metastases

A translational and Clinical Approach
by Vassilios Vassiliou, Edward Chow & Dimitrios Kardamakis
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Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Series: Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment

Publication Date: February 17, 2016

ISBN: 9789400775695

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The second edition of this book serves both as an introductory and reference book focusing on the field of metastatic bone disease. Featuring contributions from experts in the field, this volume describes the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the formation of bone metastases, presents the newer advances made in the understanding of the clinical picture and symptoms of patients, analyses the role of bone markers in research and clinical practice and deals with all aspects of imaging modalities applied for the detection and evaluation of bone metastases. Moreover, the use of all available treatment methods, such as radiotherapy, surgery and systemic treatments for the management of patients with metastatic bone disease is discussed in detail. Overall this volume presents a thorough overview of all aspects of metastatic bone disease and provides a comprehensive and concise information resource for researchers, oncologists, orthopaedic surgeons and clinicians dealing with patients with metastatic bone disease.