Body Thrive

by Cate Stillman

Publisher: Cate Stillman

Publication Date: December 19, 2015

ISBN: 9780578171913

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Body Thrive applies the most essential teachings of Ayurveda into a modern life by decoding the teachings into habits. Ayurveda is the perennial body wisdom tradition that co-arose with yoga, the path of living awake. Here lies a simple body habits curriculum that every person can learn as a child, master as an adult, and refine as an elder for their body to thrive. Check out more at 

The messages in this book are strong and simple. When we embody the 10 core habits of Yogis, based on the wisdom of Ayurveda, we thrive. By becoming vibrant, dynamic human beings on a growth path, we are a boon to ourselves, our families, society, and the planet. 

Ayurveda is based on living in sync. When we synchronize our bodily rhythms to nature’s clock, our physiology harmonizes. We experience balance, ease, and flow. When we live against nature’s body clock, we experience stress, rapid aging, and dis-ease. 

This book grew out of my online Body Thrive™ coaching program, where my Body Thrive Coaches and Yoga Health Coaches™ guide their pilot groups into 10 specific, habits from the teachings of Ayurveda in 10 weeks. That's one essential, daily habit upgrade per week for a few months. This book guides readers through a entertaining and insightful journey into better body integrity. 

The success and the efficacy of the Body Thrive method came from my search as an innovative Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher. I wanted a more effective path to guide my clients towards their desired health breakthrough and wellness goals. We now have 100 Yoga Health Coaches using the Body Thrive method around the world. As you’ll see in the book, Body Thrive is innovative, practical and results-focused. In a poll of 150 clients working in a group during a 10 week Body Thrive™ program with various Yoga Health Coaches (in training) we discovered:? 

89% Developed better self-care habits 
79% Feel better ...