Bodies, Boundaries & Delight: A 3-Step Empowerment System for Parents and Professionals of Children aged 0-5

by Julia Saunders

Publisher: Julia Saunders

Publication Date: July 14, 2017

ISBN: 9781370900435

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The FIRST of its kind, this book is a must read for all parents and caretakers of children aged newborn to 5 - and older. It is the base of all sexual health education and boundaries and consent from the very start - an empowerment guidebook on topics that are CENTRAL to every child's life. This book provides the support we all need on how to talk about sex, bodies, boundaries and self pleasuring for very young children. It provides the guidance and support you need to help your children discover and delight in topics that are based on everything about life from a child's point of view.

When we start early, getting comfortable and bringing these subjects into our conversations every day, our children will be empowered, protected, and informed about the most crucial subjects in their lives. This is not something you can wait for later to 'deal with'. Start now. Do it often. Start by getting comfortable. This book shows you how.

Bodies, Boundaries and Delight guides and informs with easy steps, essential age appropriate information and simple examples so we may positively affect our children by talking to them about these critical life subjects - from birth on. We practice using correct terms and how to answer young children's questions in line with our values and ideals. The 3 steps also inspire and heal parts of our sexual self-esteem so we can more easily navigate the waters of this challenging subject as our children grow and develop.

Our children need sex, bodies, and boundaries information, comprehension and tools in advance of ever actually using them, to best be prepared to handle the ravages of the social world.
* make 'sex' and 'bodies' an easy and comfortable subject in your home from the very start. * help children develop high self-esteem, good body image, confidence, ability to make and keep healthy friendships and make more positive choices for themselves
* stay safer in the ...