Blue and Green Butterfly Mixed Media Cards

Looks Like Art 2
by Shera Rose Kincaid
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Publisher: Booktango

Publication Date: July 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781468962345

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Blue and Green Butterfly Mixed Media Cards is about making my own mixed media cards, using a butterfly stencil, which I’ve never used. The cards are made in several shades of blue and green, which always go well together. I’ve used many media, including paper, cardstock, scraps, craft foam, tissue paper, metallic paint, chalk marbling, crinkled tissue paper, and my butterfly stencil. My method of decorating my paper first results in artistic, highly unique cards. I use mainly inexpensive craft supplies in an artistic way. Anyone who receives a card like this tends to keep it for a while. My cards are often found on display in the recipient’s home.