Blood Cupping Therapy

by Aziz Al Safi Ismail
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781482881899

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Cupping therapy is an alternative form of treatment that has been practiced since ancient Egyptian times to prevent and cure various ailments. In an introductory guide for both students and practitioners, Dr. Aziz Al Safi Ismail relies on research, observation, and professional experiences to share valuable information about the basis, practice, and benefits of this unique therapy. Dr. Ismail, a professor of public health at Universiti Sains Malaysia, discusses cupping therapy primarily from Islamic and scientific perspectives while featuring historical facts, techniques and application, clinical research evidence, and the advantages of the treatment. Along with illustrations, diagrams, detailed step-by-step instructions, Dr. Ismail also addresses appropriate cupping points for specific illnesses, the characteristics of a cupping centre, and ways to prevent undesirable side effects. Included are helpful tips regarding pre- and post-care and the most beneficial time to undergo cupping. Blood Cupping Therapy is a concise guidebook for both students and practitioners that utilizes research and clinical experiences to promote awareness of a complementary treatment to modern medicine.